WHEN: Wednesday, Sept 23 @ 7p EST (bump)
ATTENDEES: Laura, Alisa, Kendal, Lea Ann, Gina and Tristan
  • Tristan gave us a run-down of how we did on Phase I.
    • Impressed with what we turned in
    • We went above and beyond expectation
  • Tristan went over our team scores on the TADI
    • Team is compatible and doing well
    • Individual scores have not been posted but will be soon.
    • Tristan has no concerns about our team and feels that we have the most cohesive team
  • Tristan suggested attendance to the Recruiting Fair on campus
  • Tristan reviewed how the midterm would happen
    • know terms like HPT
    • be able to articulate the major points in the book reading
  • There is a push to recruit via more current technologies like You Tube.
    • Staff have been given cameras to film 30 sec spots to post to You Tube for recruiting purposes
  • Gina suggested partnering up with businesses that would benefit, much like the partnerships her company has with other universities
  • IS department has highest number of grad students in COE
  • IS Dept is reaching out to juniors and seniors- majors include psychology, nursing, education
  • Might be a good idea to reach out to Faculty, alumni and current students- use listserve to post surveys
  • Tristan is open to researching the professional success of alumni- nothing currently in place other than annual alumni function in the spring
  • Interest in IS program is high with international students, low with domestic students
  • Gina said that out-of-state tuition for a degree from FSU is cheaper than in-state tuition for any Massachusetts university- very interesting!
  • Kendal will assume this task
  • Faculty
    • Dennen (technical)
    • Keller
    • Reiser
    • Johnson
    • Jeung (*did a similar survey of current participants. Laura will look for that information in her email and send it to everyone in case there is any useful information we can draw from)
    • Blick
    • Armstrong
  • Asking for opinions where they feel the program was, is and should be in the future
  • Laura will assume this task
  • Lea Ann will assume this task
  • Focus on Mary Kate McKee first
    • Wealth of information
    • Phone interview
    • To be completed by end of week
    • Report back to team by weekend
  • Lea Ann is also planning to attend some of the on-campus events and will interview the stakeholders in person
  • Gina and Alisa will partner up to work on this task
  • It was suggested to focus on the alumni that have come back to pursue their PhD from FSU’s COE in IS
  • We will meet again on Wed, Sept 30 at 7pm
  • We are all to have our tasks completed by Sunday @ 5p