Module 3 Overview

Week One

1. Listen to Module 3 Podcast

2. Executive Summary (ES) & Co‚Äčncept Map (CM) Assignment: due by 10/25
Create a CM or ES for each of the required readings (refer to the readings section above). For your convenience:
Piskurich, Ch 7, 8, & 9 [M301ESxxx.(doc or cmap)] (All three chapters will be in one summary or one map)
Piskurich, Ch 10 [M302ESxxx.(doc or cmap)]
Piskurich, Ch 11 [M303ESxxx.(doc or cmap)

3. Non-Instructional Interventions Team Activity: due by 10/13

4. Mid term Exam Signup
Sign up for a time to take the Mid Term Exam

Week 2

1. Course chat on Tuesday, 10/13 at 8 pm

2. Schedule and Hold Team Chat with Tristan on Wednesday, 10/15 at 7 pm

  • 1-866-285-7776 extension:7610125#

Week 3

1. Mid-Term Exam

2. TMCPA- Team Member Contribution and Professionalism Assessment

3. TADI- Team Assessment and Diagnostic Instrumen