Notes for the Miterm

Piskurich book only chs 1 -11 not chapter 6

Example Questions

  • steps in HPI Process Model -- figure 1-2 would be a good cheat sheet
  • whats a cause analysis. why would you perform it what would you look for.
  • terms studied worth, performance, fishbone diagram, etc
  • Lea Ann's midterm notes: - he started out with "Pretend I'm your boss. What is HPT?" I said "Human Performance Technology" and then he asked what that meant. Also asked what performance gap was and then asked about Cause Analysis, why it is important. He will try to get you to talk to him using the terms, not just spitting out definitions. He's trying to find out if you understand the terminology. You won't get into a deep discussion about anything, it's high level. And if you draw a blank, he'll move on to something else. That's about it, only lasts about 5 minutes or so.