Midterm Notes- Chapter 3

Performance Analysis: Linking it to the Job

Performance analysis is characterized by 3 important concepts:
1. Start with the marketplace context and a relationship view of the organization rather than a focus on process specification
· Start at the macro level to view the organization and its major functional parts in the context of the marketplace in which it operates-define performance context
2. Specify process as a sequence of accomplishments versus behaviors or just stuff.
· Apply Gilbert’s notion that accomplishments are the key to understanding performance requirements in a manageable way.
· By doing so, you can see that process specification needs to be an articulation of the series of the accomplishments required for producing a valued product. It is the essential link between organizationally desirable outcomes required at the macro level and jobs at the performer level.
3. Use the human performance system to ensure that all performance requirements and any changes are linked back to organizationally desirable goals and that the performers are properly supported.
· People must be specifically addressed because they are the organization

See Figures 3.1-3.6 in attached files

Performance analysis must proceed from macro to micro level.

· View the client organization in the context of its marketplace and define the internal customer supplier network that supports success with external customers first.
Focus on accomplishments

· Accomplishment-based process descriptions provide framework for development of process-supportive and performance-based position descriptions
· Specifying position requirements by process step (accomplishment) for each function causes the analyst to develop performance-based position descriptions