EME6691-FALL 2009
Sunday, August 30, 2009 via Skype

We talked about the joint definition of HPT
  • The combined definition is done and posted to the Wiki
  • it is a combination of everyone's
  • some stated that HPT does not include "behaviors"

Should we meet in addition to our regular team chat?
  • all in agreement
  • should reserve time every week on Wednesdays at 7pm EST or Thursday at 7pm EST (all in agreement) with the instructor but we will leave this up in the air until after the first meeting on Tuesday and see how TJ plans on proceed
  • Week 1 and 3 meet just the team on Sundays at 5pm

Alisa proposed using a conference line 866-285-7776, x7610125#
  • We changed over as Lea Ann was having problems with audio.

Suggestion to use Dimdim for calls in order to work on documents and make live changes
  • some problems with it
    • number of people on the call
    • voice over IP issues

Use of email vs the Wiki
  • use of Wiki is more effective than email to avoid overloading email
  • use email only for urgent needs
  • otherwise use the "discussion" function of the Wiki

48 hour turn around time for revisions for final posts as a team

Reminder: week runs Tuesday through Monday (midnight EST)
  • TJ seems to be fairly flexible about that time frame between the end of week and beginning of week.

LeaAnn is going to check with TJ as to whether the group activity (the article) to determine if it is due on Week 2 or just the selection process.

HPI Language project Kendall will take the lead and report back to us.

Illustration of how HPT evolved into a discipline (due EOW 2) - Lea Ann will take the lead on that project.

Group Norms/work preferences:
  • individual during the week and group during the weekends

80% approval rate for turn-ins

Every week there is an evaluation of work so Alisa suggested that we address any concerns directly with the person prior to giving a negative evaluation.

Planning for Module 5 because Kendall will be out for most of that.
  • Kendall has talked to TJ over the summer to make arrangements and to ensure the module will be available early enough for u


Phase 1 - Gina
Phase 2 - Laura
Phase 3 - Kendall
Phase 4 - Lea Ann
Phase 5 - Alisa

Wiki Maintenance: on the assigned week you will be in charge of creating the module links and pages possibly using Module 1 as a template

Module 1 - Gina
Module 2 - Laura
Module 3 - Kendall
Module 4 - Lea Ann
Module 5 - Alisa

If working on the Wiki you should put a message on the Wiki advising users that you are working on a particular document to avoid duplication of work.

Please check on the HPT definition and provide feedback by 12pm EST tomorrow so that it can get posted to the class Wiki.