Post versions of Intervention Phase Report here and indicate changes made in subsequent versions.

Version #

KS: (2:15 pm) I just dropped the deleted info from the GA and CA into this document. Wanted to get the info together on paper so that we can discuss it tonight.

KS: Updated the tables with a Recommendations column. Please note that there are some rows that need information. Also, the second table does not contain any recommendations yet.
11/21 11:30AM - working on this right now..

GM 11/23 7:40 took out table, referred to causes in paragraphs - going to clean my kitchen now be back in half an hour or so

AJ 11/23 @ 8:03 - Minor wording and punctuation changes. Looks great!

8:04 LG taking this and cleaning up fonts, etc. and then will repost.

Fixed header fonts, and course number on cover page and in page header. Good to go?

8:50 LG These versions sent to Tristan, CCd everyone.