Gap Analysis

Post versions of Gap Analysis Phase Report here and indicate changes made in subsequent versions.

Version #

GM - FAR from finished - just trying to get this started so we can keep moving forward. Please feel free to tear this completely apart! :)

KS- Added my suggestions to the empty tables, made a few grammatical changes. Left some sections blank because I did not have all the notes about the measurements from our meeting on Friday. We can discuss this report tomorrow night, too.

LG - did some cleaning up, accepted changes after changing fonts but left in changes you need to see. BTW I am Joe Smith, put that name in when they gave me the installation disk, don't know why.

KS: Added a rough explanation of data in table (p. 5, IS Program Recruiting). So tired, eyes are crossing...

LG: 11/14 1:15 PM I've added stuff, but it needs some massaging. I think though, if we can get this a bit tighter, we can submit as a DRAFT for Tristan's review. I would love to do that by tomorrow if we can get it there. OK this may be OCD for me, but I HATE having those few pages in the different orientation. We had a long chart in the previous report and I just broke it up, and repeated the header on each page to keep it flowing. Version 5 here contains all my edits, and Version 6 is identical except that I made that table narrower so that all the pages are Portrait. Didn't want to make an executive decision on this, let me know what you think.

File with above changes but with all pages Portrait (table narrowed)

One question I didn't address: p. 10 of V5, p. 9 of V6, Gina's comment: I think we also need to state what the goal is for all of these - did you mean for each gap in that table?

AJ - 11/14 @ 2:58 p.m. This is really looking good. Added my thoughts throughout. Since we're getting close to a draft for Tristan to review, I went ahead and made comments relative to formatting as well. Nice job!

KS- Addressed some of the questions asked throughout the document. Made a few grammatical corrections. I think this doc has enough substance to submit to Tristan. I think we are on the right track, but would like to hear from him before we go any further. You never know what he will come up with! :)

LG: 10 AM 11/15 - going to take Kendall's document, accept changes and clean it up to submit as a draft. Will post here so Laura can take a look at it, then send it on to Tristan as a draft this afternoon.

11:25 AM - This will be the version I submit as a draft unless Laura has anything else to address at this point. Although I want to give her an opportunity to look at it, I'm submitting it at 3 PM no matter what. If any of you see anything else before then, I'll incorporate that into the draft.

3:45 PM Submitting this version as a draft. Sorry, was on the phone with both Mom-in-Law and Mama. :)

LG: 2 PM 11/17 - Draft with Tristan's comments, same file as I forwarded you.

AJ: 6:15 on 11/20. I built this out as we discussed, but please note some of the "current" info was added from memory (and we all know how reliable that can be!) Please validate. The new document title should be something like "Welcome to the Document of Redundancy Document" but I think it's what he's asked for... =)

11/21 10:30 A - redid some of the tables, to put numbers in (and make it more redundant just for Alisa). I included a doc with just the tables with all the changes accepted. I cannot for the life of me get the numbering to act right in a couple of cells.
I need to eat bkfast - I think Lea Ann is working on the CA - after I eat I'll move on to intervntions

LG: In case you didn't know. Word sucks. :)

GM redid tables so they match cause and intervention, added a table for our first performance measure. Included doc w just the tables. very close to done.
I've been at this since 7am and am fried - going shopping and will be back to help later. Tommorow I'll have to spend time with my other group.

KS: Made a few editing suggestions and posed a few questions. I think it looks pretty good! Good job team :)

Go Seminoles- way to pull out a win today for Bobby and Mickey!!

I've spent the last two hours formatting this thing. Whew. Anyway, a couple of points:

1 - there were still blanks to be filled in, particularly with enrollment numbers (p. 10). Had to add a paragraph that talks about the enrollment gap. I went back to the 04-09 data that Kendall got from MK to extrapolate target numbers and where the gap is. Can we introduce this at this point? I think we can if we say something about "recently obtaining this data."

2. Website (p. 13), I said that since we had no traffic numbers we couldnt' determine the gap there. If that's wrong, make something up.

3. Limitations and constraints, that's as much BS as I could come up with. Feel free to add.

4. I don't know how to add Limitations and Constraints to the table of contents. I think I have all the formatting fixed, other than that.

AJ's comments - Gina added a version of this at 3 o'clock (I had posted here that I was editing, but guess she didn't see.) The TOC in the version posted doesn't look right. Not sure what other differences exist.

I thought I was restoring what she had an adding my new version, but apparently I didn't read the wiki's guidance properly. Sorry, Gina.

AJ 11/22 at 3:12 - made a few tweaks to punctuation (btw, I looked up Masters vs. Master's, and every source I found said to use the apostrophe, so I replaced all.)
As for items 1, 2, and 3, I think they are sufficient. I changed the wording slightly in one sentence on page 10 to read consistently with what is in the table.
The TOC is also corrected. I say let's submit.

LG 3:24 Alisa, the TOC in your file was not correct. I was fixing Gina's "FOR REAL" doc at the same time you were. I went back into this doc, did a global search and replace to fix Master's and Ph.D. and copied/pasted your two paragraphs from gap analysis into mine. This should be the final one.

KS: Looks good- good catch with the apostrophe- that one went right over my head!