KS: This is just a shell. Wanted to get this document up here so that I can start dropping stuff in as we finish the reports. I am starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel......

KS: Dropped in the ES from the Bus Analysis. Will add changes to the Perf. Analysis ES soon.....

KS: This version contains: Ex Summaries for BA and PA; all content from BA and PA reports.

LG: 11/29 3:45 - Have not addressed Tristan's comments from Phase 4 doc's yet, took all afternoon just to combine all the doc's and format them. PLEASE, if you open up the file and see Cambria and Calibri fonts or something weird, let me know. I'll take your corrected copy, take it back out to an editor and put back in the document.

Let's keep this as a docx file. I went back to Tristan's original template, took all the copy out into an editor to strip out formatting and reformatted the text. So this should be pretty clean.

LG: 12/1 7:30 - Limitations and Constraints section, please add to the document, Alisa.

Intervention update - took out tables got the last section cleaned up.


3 (whatever)
Alisa - 6:24 p.m. on 12/2.
I've included Lea Ann and Gina's stuff in here and addressed Tristan's other comments (see comments and Tracked Changes and see if you agree with my revisions.) I also changed all styles in one level, given that we need to include the Business Analysis, Performance Analysis, etc. at the Header 1 level in this doc. As such, I kept the TOC to three levels and removed any headers that were contained in tables (i.e. the Gap Analysis). There are some issues still with the bullets (square in regular text, round in tables) and I think we have some formatting issues overall - the PA looks different in terms of alignment than all the others. Font sizes and styles also vary from table to table, I think. Take a look and make sure this isn't stuff my computer is doing before I spend unnecessary time on it. Speak to you soon.

AJ at 9:55 p.m. Here's an improved version of what I sent Tristan. I added Figure labels and Table labels (with updated numbers) as appropriate - need someone to check my count. My eyes are crossed at the moment! The TOC is being fickle, so I just left it alone for now. Feel free to reformat if you'd like.

LG at 10 AM 12/4 This is the file I just emailed everyone. Not sure what to do about the ES.

PPT Presentation for Tuesday (first draft) LB

AJ at 8:04 p.m. - I tried my best to incorporate Tristan's feedback. Rather than address each intervention and "tying it back" as he suggested, I added a conclusion to the summary which I hope will suffice in providing the rationale that he felt was lacking...
If you don't like it, feel free to change. I will log in tomorrow morning to see where we are, and will send Tristan whatever we have right before noon as he outlined.