Cause Analysis

Post versions of Cause Analysis Phase Report here and indicate changes made in subsequent versions.

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LG - this is a pitifully thin first draft. I need some help. I've been Googling this all afternoon and although I found info that supports that Cause and Gap are similar, I can't really distinguish the two based on Gina's Gap file. We can discuss.

Also, I was having trouble with files and I think it's because we are saving these files in the lower version of Word and in my case, I'm opening them in the new Word. I went back to Tristan's template for a clean file for this one and will not open any doc's in the future in the new Word (07/08).

KS: 11/11 @ 10:40 pm- I started working on using the 5 Why's to address performance problems that we addressed in the PA. I just ran with it, so what I have contributed is up for discussion. Lea Ann, thanks for working on the PA and all of the other changes to the docs we made tonight.

LB: 11/12 @ 4:50AM EST - I worked on the executive summary and did some formatting of Kendall's additions. Will look at the GA tomorrow.

KS: Made a few changes, and posed a couple of questions. Would like to see what Tristan says about the Gap analysis draft before we proceed much further. Also, see Laura's comment about placing the 5 Why's section into a table.. It seems appropriate, as we have been using tables throughout the other reports. Also, look over the 5 Why's section- we might need to add to and modify these questions..

LG: I made the table, sorry I had to accept all changes to get rid of the gazillion change windows from me. Let's keep in mind that Kendall's version 4 contains recommendations that we can use for the Intervention report. Can use some input in this document. This is probably going to be it for me today, got some house chores to do and get ready for the week.

KS: Thanks Lea Ann for making the changes and submitting the GA to Tristan today. We can talk about this on Wednesday, but want to ask this before I forget: Should there be 5 questions posed for each problem we identified in the paper? I noticed that some of the problems did not have 5 questions.
GM: I don't think we can do the 5 why's, we didn't use that as we interviewed folks

Added the TOC - for the TOC to work you have to use apply headings...
Also reformatted the ES - we have to talk about what is actually in the report. The report does a good job of referring back to the biz goal, we have to be sure the ES only talks about what the report covers.
DOn't think we can use the 5 whys....

I have a job interview Tues AM - so I am pretty much out of commission till Tues night. As I am FREAKING OUT. I'll give y'all details wed if you want to hear them....but lets get something together to show tristan as a draft, and really dig in after we get the feedback.

AJ - I think maybe we can say that we would ahve used the 5 Whys with clients if the requisite access had been granted, and perhaps we indicate we've asked the 5 Whys of the data instead??? Just an idea - I think it's worth a shot.(11/15 @ 10:00 p.m.)
Gina - where are you interviewing, and for what?

Added some apologies and questions. I am really struggling now guys. Sorry this report is such crap.

KS: I understand the reasoning behind not using the 5 Why's, but I am on the same page as Lea Ann- why did T suggest it this late in the game if we could not use it?
In regards to the two analysis questions in the report- they were up for discussion during our last meeting. I thought that we had agreed that they were both okay to include in the report, as long as we tied data back to them. If we take out the second question, should we replace it or just have one analysis question? Something to talk about Wednesday night....

LG: OK guys, this is a totally new approach. I read over the Cause Analysis PDF Tristan sent Friday, it talks about Gilbert's Behavioral Engineering Model and illustrates is clearly. I think we can make this one work. Take a look at this version. I haven't thought it completely out in terms of mapping the model to the performance measures but I think it's doable. And as Gina said, make sure it ties to the business goal of 10% increased enrollment. As long as we repeated state that throughout the report I think it works. Let me know what you think.

BTW Tristan sent an email yesterday at 2:30 indicating he was regrading the BA and PA.Haven't heard from him and will pass those along as soon I get them.

A few updates, I think I was on the wrong track.

(LB) I don't think you were on the wrong track Lea Ann. Good job getting this going! :-)

LB on 11/20 @ 4:30AM EST...
I'm still workig on the last table. I did however take a stab at doig the ES. Please look at it and make changes as you see fit. I am falling asleep and really need to get to bed, but as I said, I'm still working on the last table and will have that posted tomorrow. :-)

LG: Stopping here until Gap Analysis is finalized.

KS: I made some editing changes and cited the Gilbert Information. Please double-check the citation information before finalizing everything. Looking good!

GM 1:20 Sunday - Taking another stab at this..


LG: 4:05 - OK this a complete document that needs editing (i.e. all sections there, discussions there, tables labeled, etc. Will check in later.
AJ @ 5:05 p.m. - I didn't really see much to add, mostly just some minor punctuation for consistency. It's straight-forward and answers the questions Tristan asked.

KS: Made some changes to the font size in some paragraphs (some places had Times New Roman 10, others 11- went with 11). I agree with Alisa that the reference to the corporate recruiting should be taken out because I do remember Tristan saying something about it during one of our first meetings.

LG: I don't have any more "pretty words" in me, not to mention, the Interventions document still needs to be assembled.

OK more pretty words in there. The approach section (and corresponding references in the ES and Limitations) need to be cleaned up. Sorry I ran out of time, was going to start formatting an Intervention file.

GM: (7:45) I should be home around 2 or 3, I can take a stab. We have a pretty good start on the intervention I thought...

GM (5:52) SORRY if you were waiting on me...I say its fine, remove the Gilbert stuff and put it in the limitations section. should we add an image for the recruiting numbers section that shows the numbers when there was not any recruiting?
Other than that I'm fine -- going to check the interventions doc

Last call...hope Alisa and Gina can take a look at this soon...

7:45 TOC fixed, paragraph p. 10 changed back to 100%, took phrase "At the beginning..." repetitive anyway from previous sentence. Think this is it!

Posting the PDF, Alisa sees funky page numbers in the TOC so i'm posting this too. Will send both to Tristan.

8:50 LG These versions sent to Tristan, CCd everyone.