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Here's version 2. Need help with data analysis, and other questions scattered throughout.

I made some comments. I think we need to expand the analysis section considerably.

There's still work to be done, but I'm posting this for you early birds to have. Places where I know we have things to include are marked. If you want to review and repost, I plan to work more on this tomorrow (Weds) evening. - 10/27 @ 11:41 p.m.

10/28 @12:50pm

I added my portion to the report and made some suggestions on revisions. Alisa, please review and let me know if you want me to make those changes permanent. I was going to check for grammar and such but I figured it would be best to have the final report ready before we do that. Alisa, let me know what else you would like me to do for you to help with the BA and I'll be happy to do it. :-)

Added comments to Laura's.

Added comments, made note of differences between PA and BA

Cleaned this up a bit and moved stuff as suggested. Still need to analyze second set of questions - feel free to add your thoughts.

I think this is getting close. I reformatted the data collection/analysis section based on our discussion, and the TOC now includes the questions as Level 2 headings. I also created two visuals - one is based on Gina's visual of the history of the program - I put it into a timeline-like format. The other is a chart of enrollment numbers based on Mary Kate's info. Please review and provide input.

Added my thoughts to your questions- I like the Limitations section, nice job of explaining our obstacles. Looks good to me!

One final question remains - see page 8 - I changed the goal based on enrollment data. I'd like to propose if we agree to the new goal (raised from 5% to 10%) we submit the document as it is now. Please weigh in. Thanks!

Made note on report, but for the record here on the wiki, I think 10% is reasonable (KS)

(10/30 @ 1:10AM EST) I did make some suggestions and I'm not really sure that increasing to 10% is really a realistic goal. I noted my comments on the document though. Just suggestions. I will be 100% supportive of majority vote though. :-)

Here's the final version that was submitted. Enjoy!

LB: Looks good Alisa. Nice job!!!

Here's the first stab at reformatting this and addressing Tristan's feedback. Some formatting such as spacing can wait until I clean this up a bit more, but I removed most of the tables - he didn't seem to understand the responses included were verbatim what was sent to us in the previous version, and he also wanted to know who the responses were from. Take a look and let me know what you think.

I like it, and I totally agree with it not being clear to him that we were providing raw data. I have one suggestion in the Executive Summary about wording, otherwise very nice!

I like the changes, and don't have any new ideas to suggest. Made comments to questions raised in the paper. Also, I think the bullet format looks fine. Alisa mentioned this somewhere (email maybe?), and I think she is referring to the Steps/Substeps table. If so, I think the bullet format is okay. Nice work Alisa!

I looked through this, and the file is in Calibri and Cambria - could be a cross platform issue, going to look at this again when I get to work on the PC side. I didn't see anything significant to comment on that hasn't been commented on already, but will take another look at it.
Update: Looked through the file on the PC and same fonts, so I edited it. Main points for me: The chart with the enrollment numbers, I think it would be more accurate with the AVERAGE enrollment each year rather than adding up the enrollments of the three terms. At least that's what this chart looked like to me. Other thing, Limitations and Constraints: I clarified the Dr. Reiser comment, the first attempt, I waited a few minutes before calling him because I had seen him backed up with students when I was in the office earlier and missed him. The second attempt, I tried once, at the right time, and got his voice mail. I was in Dothan at the time with some spotty service so he could have tried to call back and not reached me. It's not entirely on his end. Wanted to clarify that in case he reads through this.

Mon, Nov 9 @ 4:31pm EST... I added some grammar corrections and suggested wording for some sentences that sounded awkward.

Otherwise, great job Alisa.

AJ - Monday 11/9 at 8:30 p.m. Revising now. Thanks for the input. Lea Ann, I'm going to recommend we leave the enrollment numbers/chart as they have been, given that Tristan liked the way we presented it. Hate to mess with something he found successful to begin with! Will repost shortly.

KS- Good suggestions Lea Ann and Laura. I didn't even notice the font difference when I looked at it last night Lea Ann!

AJ - Monday 11/9 at 11:55 p.m. All right, here's the latest - I believe all bullets and spacing are uniform throughout. Unless anyone finds anything else, I propose we put a fork in this one. If you do find anything else, please make the edits, as I will be unable to do so until much later this week. If you reach consensus on the document, please feel free to submit in my absence. I will not be sad to see it go away! ;-)

LG - Tues 11/10 1:40 I went through the doc, changed the fonts, broke up the task table appropriately, found a couple of typos, I think we can get this one off our plates unless you see anything else. Since we are down to 4 of us and not on a deadline to resubmit, I'll wait until GM, KS and LB sign off. I am also submitting a PDF so Tristan will see that there are no font or page break issues.

‚Äč KS: I think the document looks good, but there was one discrepancy I noticed. Page 9 contains Greg Stevens' comments about the goals and I think it should read, " ...generally it is to help the ISD program meet its recruiting targets." I have not seen Greg's survey info, so I am merely guessing based on context clues. Otherwise everything looks good to me. I also like the fact that you put the paper in PDF format- thanks Lea Ann.

Good catch Kendall! Greg's survey begins on p. 14 of the appendix if you want to take a look, he actually wrote "meeting its recruiting targets" - I'll change it to make it grammatically correct. LG

LG - Tues 11/10 3:50 Fixed Greg's comments per Kendall above. Thought I'd go ahead and post before LB or GM review it.

KS: 11/10 8 pm Thanks for making the change Lea Ann. Just got online again now. Didn't have much time earlier :)

LG 11/13 6 AM - submitted these docs. Will post returned versions with comments from Tristan on the final document page.